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8 Ways to Lose Weight with DIY Tricks at Home

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The weight loss drill is universal; Taking in lesser calories and burning more than ever! While the famous workout plans and fad diets may not work for you, they are surely known to drain out your energy. If you are tired of looking fat in pictures and worried about not fitting in your old pretty dresses, try simple, trouble-free tricks at home and shed pounds within weeks.

These simple, effortless home based tricks are exactly what you need to lose weight effortlessly to stay photo ready without the double chin haunting your memories forever!

Take a look at these amazing secrets and make your way to the spotlight you deserve.

A Mightier Breakfast and a Smaller Dinner

You might have heard of the famous notion that breakfast should be the biggest meal of your day. As less appetizing as it may sound, this trick does wonders for you all day long. Apart from keeping you full and active throughout the day, a good nutritious breakfast can also aid in a boosted metabolism.
Simply consume a nutritious breakfast by adding boiled eggs, bread, fruits and a milk based drink and you are good to go.

Choose Smaller Plates

As silly as it may sound, this trick works for a lot of people in miraculous ways. By opting for smaller sized plates, you are basically tricking your brain. With smaller plates, you automatically consume smaller portions of meals. This ultimately means you are taking fewer calories than before.
In case you are invited for dinner at someone’s house and they serve you bigger plates, simply leave your plate 3/4th part empty. This way you will know you are eating lesser than you could have!

Diet Pills and Supplements

Whereas some people perceive diet pills as fads, on the contrary, they actually work. Diet pills are not only effective but they also help curb your untimely cravings. One super effective diet supplement is PhenQ and it has transformed both men and women in terms of weight loss.

As for added supplements, opting for vitamin and mineral based supplements, you are not only improving your diet but also helping your skin glow, bones become stronger while keeping you perfect on the inside as well as outside.

Junk Out of Sight!

The best trick to get rid of junk food cravings is to store them at your house no more! When the junk food is out of sight, it is automatically out of mind! Believe it or not, this trick truly works. Merely stop storing crisps, chocolates, candies, fizzy drinks and biscuits at home and you will stop craving for them.
If you have hunger pangs and need to eliminate your sweet tooth, go for something healthier such as a fruit salad bowl. You might not like it too much in the beginning, but hey! Don’t you want to lose weight?

Hydration is the Key

‘Drinking 8 glasses of water is ideal!’ You must have heard this one before. As boring as it sounds, keeping your body hydrated throughout the day is extremely essential. Sometimes you feel you are hungry but in reality, you simply need to drink water. If you are not a big fan of drinking water, opt for fresh lemonade, lemon water or fresh fruit juices. They key is to stay hydrated no matter what.

Drinking water helps flush out the toxins from the body as well as keep the blood thin and oxygenated. More benefits include a fresh looking skin, activeness, alertness, etc.

Ditch the Electronic Devices while Eating

Studies reveal that if you munch on food while watching TV or going through your phones, you tend to eat more than you should. As our brain gets distracted, it forgets to signal our body that the stomach is full. Hence, simply eat food when not watching TV and if you are watching TV, do not eat food!

Blue is Your Favorite Color!

Notice how many restaurants and cafes are not painted blue! Do you know the reason why? The color blue is calming and acts as an appetite suppressant. So do you know what you have to do? Eat meals in blue plates, change your table cloth to blue, hang blue colored paintings on the wall and paint the house blue!

Baby like Slumber

Sleeping is the key to fitness. While sleeping in one go for 8 hours is ideal, sleeping at the right time is also as important. Sleeping between 10pm to 8am is the ideal time. While sleeping, our bodies relax, regain their strength and grow. By not sleeping well, our metabolism rates drop, the nutrients are consumed at lesser amounts internally and our activeness drops down too.

With smaller sized plates, PhenQ diet pills and a healthy sleeping pattern, you can lose weight without opting for crash diets or difficult workout sessions. Try these tricks and see the difference!

Look more beautiful with some natural ingredients!

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Like our body and mind, our skin also plays the most important role in our body. If our skin is good we can look beautiful and gorgeous. There are many ways to look beautiful but having a glowing skin is God’s gift to some individuals and for some, they need to work on a little bit to make themselves glowing and beautiful. Definitely it is not difficult but only a few important things to remember.

We all think that famous models and actresses spend a lot of money to get glowing and beautiful skin, but, this is absolutely not true. Models and famous actresses spend time and pamper their skin more naturally than spending money on themselves. Natural supplements give the most benefits than any other treatments.

Eating Healthy:

Eating good food is not only important for your body and mind but also very important for your glowing skin. This is absolutely not true that food doesn’t make difference in your skin. It is important that our skin gets all the nutrients that are essential for it. A glowing skin is definitely vital and does not only makes your look beautiful but only makes you more confident and worth walking proudly.

Eating habits also include adding fruits and vegetables to your daily life. A colorful plate can be very much beneficial for your body and skin. It does not only keep you active but also keeps your skin glowing and clean all day long by keeping it fresh.

Eating oily food can not only harm your health but also make you have acnes and other oils treatment problems. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that good food controls your complete body including your skin.

Skinade is one of the most natural supplements that keeps your skin healthy and glowing all day long.

Apart from eating healthy it is also important that we take care of our skin externally. This does not mean that we should spend lots of money buying expensive creams but it is essential that the way you eat healthy food and fruits, you should also use those fruits and vegetables for your external skin. The peal of oranges or cucumber itself can be very helpful if you rum on your skin gently for a few minutes twice a week for a glowing skin. It is not only a low cost strategy for our skin but also a very useful strategy for the skin to glow and make you look beautiful. Natural beauty is always more stronger than any other remedies that we use


As discussed earlier it is very important that we focus more on the natural supplements that can be helpful for long term without any side effects. Surgeries are the easy way to get a glowing and beautiful skin but this can be very painful and can cause harm to our skin later on. Getting a glowing skin, one can get medication from doctors but at the same time it is vital to remember that this glow from medication would not last for a very long period and this will get back to normal very soon. Therefore it is essential that we focus more on the natural remedies discussed earlier.

Skin Care:

Apart from eating healthy it is important that we keep our skin clean and healthy. It is essential that we was h our face whenever we get up early in the morning with a good face wash that suits our skin type. Apart from this it is vital that we use good quality make up rather than using any makeup that is of low cost but of no good quality. Makeup is something that working women wears all day long and carries along with them to refresh themselves. Therefore, it is very important that the make up is of very good quality and essentially it should definitely suit our skin type. One of the major problem is that we get so tired all day long and whenever we are back home to tend to sleep rather than removing our makeup or washing it off. This might not effect our skin at that particular moment but it gets very dangerous for long term as we grow older. It is very important that we wash our face and remove the makeup we are covered with so that our skin can get some good rest and apply some good moisturizer that might help our skin to rest. The way we get tired and need some rest in the same way it is important that we give good rest to our skin as well and let it relax for sometime.

Skinade is one of the most natural and guaranteed supplements to enable skin to glow and brighten in a very short period of time.

Acne free lotions:

As discussed above that lotions can suit some of the skins and for some of the skins it can be harmful as well. It is very essential if instead of using any lotions, one should try the home made remedies with the natural ingredients as that can be one of the most essential part in getting rid of the acne and get a glowing and brighter skin. Zeta White


To conclude it is very important to keep in mind the important aspects that an help in everyday life. Eating healthy is one of the basic aspect of life to understand that if your eating habits are good, this can lead to many other good happenings in your life and therefore to give a start to improve your body weight, mind and at the same time your skin, it is essential to improve your eating habits.

Skinade is not only natural and a supplement that gives results instantly but it is also very safe to use having no side effects.

Therefore, having a good skin completely depends on how you treat you skin. It is very easy to get your dreams come true in a very short period of time with all the good points discussed above.

NOOCUBE – Improve your focus, cognition and memory

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The drugs or other substances that enhance the cognitive function, creativity, memory, reasoning, planning, problem solving, attentional and inhibitory control are called Nootropics. They are also known as cognitive enhancers or smart drugs.

Noocube is the brain supplement for enhancement of focus and mental clarity. It helps to increase alertness and to manage stress which is required in today’s lifestyle. The food we eat and the nutrients we supply to our body are not always enough to fulfill the requirements of our brain. Other essential ingredients along with nootropics make Noocube an exceptional cognitive enhancer. It is not only effective but also safe.

The ingredients present in Noocube are so effective that they are even considered effective treatment for brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

To improve cognition, stimulants are the class of drugs which is most commonly used. One of the examples of stimulants is caffeine. It is primarily used to enhance cognition and treat difficulties of motor function associated with Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Parkinson’s disease.

Nootropics are especially used by the students to enhance the productivity. There are many drugs included in nootropics and each class has a different mechanism of action. The drugs which enhance the cognitive functions, executive functions and memory are divided into following classes:

  • Stimulants
  • Cholinergics
  • Metabolics
  • Adaptogens
  • Dopaminergics
  • Serotonergics
  • Miscelaneous
  • Racetams
  • Nutrceuticals


The classes of stimulants that can give a cognitive enhancing effect are either direct or indirect agonist of dopamine receptor (D1), adrenoceptor (A2) or both receptors. When the stimulants are used at low therapeutic concentrations, only then they have cognitive enhancing effects. Otherwise, the increased concentrations of these stimulants can cause cognitive deficit. Some examples of stimulants used as cognitive enhancers are:

  • Xanthines- among xanthenes, most prominent is caffeine. It enhances performance and alertness. People taking lower doses of it show enhanced alertness. While an improved performance require somewhat higher doses.
  • Amphetamine- it is effective to enhance working memory, episodic memory as well as inhibitory control. These effects of amphetamine are more noteworthy in patients of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It also produces an enhancing effect on task saliency.
  • Eugeroics- Clinically they are advised for daytime sleepiness after sleep apnea treatment, shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. These are basically the agents responsible for promoting wakefulness. In sleep deprived people they can enhance alertness. Also used to facilitate problem solving and reasoning.
  • Methylphenidate- it improves planning latency, inhibitory control, working memory, episodic memory, task saliency and aspects of attention. It is also in improving performance on tiresome tasks that require much effort.


These are the substances that increase the level of acetylcholine in the brain. It is a neurotransmitter involved in accessing memory, retaining new information, performing analysis and calculation as well as in controlling inhibition and attention time. The rate of building new connections can be increased by increasing the level of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is formed by combining acetate with choline which is obtained from diet. However, cholinergics are important supplements when diet doesn’t fulfill the requirements of choline by the body. Acetylcholinestrase inhibitors are those drugs which inhibit the breakdown of acetylcholine.


They optimize the energy supply of your brain cells. Cerebral vasodilators are the nootropics. They affect metabolic functions of neurons and increase the blood flow. The brain will receive more oxygen and glucose. They make ATP, as they are two important ingredients required for the synthesis of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy required by neurons and help in the cellular processes.


This class is not well understood but they are still important for proper brain functioning and health. They are derivatives of herbs and are responsible for decreasing the sensitivity to stressors present in environment that can damage cellular systems.


These increase the level of dopamine in the brain or they are known to enhance the activity of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for causing sensations like pleasure when a person wins something, or receive praise or eat something good. It boosts confidence, focus and motivation by reducing depression, anxiety and stress. When the release of dopamine is increased in pre-frontal cortex, it improves cognition and alertness. Levodopa is its example which improves episodic memory encoding and verbal episodic memory.


It increases the level of neurotransmitter Serotonin. This neurotransmitter has an important role in mood. It is responsible to control different processes like appetite, sleep patterns and mood regulation. Its deficiency can lead to insomnia, depression and lack of attention. The nootropics of enhancement of mood may act as precursors of serotonin or they may act as serotonin reuptake inhibitors.


These include:

  • Tolcapone- improves episodic memory encoding and verbal episodic memory.
  • Atomoxetine- when it is used at an optimal dose, it improves aspects of attention as well as working memory.
  • L-Theanine- it has psychoactive effects that improves task switching, alertness as well as attention.
  • Desipramine- when used at an optimal dose, it improves aspects of attention and working memory.


These are also cognitive enhancers. These are sold OTC (over-the-counter). Their mechanism of action is not well understood however they are supposed to act as positive allosteric modulators of AMPA receptors. These are newer drugs. They enhance the sensitivity of the receptors of acetylcholine. The communication between neurons is more efficient. The most important racetam is Piracetam. The derivatives of piracetam is aniracetam, pramiracetam etc.


These include: Smart Drugs

  • Panax ginseng- it increases speed of performing attention tasks and accuracy of memory. It also improves the performance in mental arithmetic tasks and mood. It is also known to reduce fatigue.
  • Bacopa monnieri- It is actually an herb which is marketed as dietary supplement. It also has a role in enhancing memory.
  • Ginkgo biloba- By chronic use, it can improve attention (particularly selective attention), long term memory as well as some executive processes.

What are Legal Steroids

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Are you doing bodybuilding without using legal steroids? If yes, then are you fully satisfied with your results?

legal steroids review

Perhaps, NO! Well, if that is the case, then you are not the only one receiving unsatisfactory results from hours and hours of training and consuming massive amount of calories!

Find Detailed Crazy Bulk Reviews at Crazy Bulk Guide!

Bodybuilding is a tough job, it becomes even demanding when users seek no performance enhancing agents.

Well, if you have guessed steroids, then yes, you are partially right here. We do mean steroids, but we mean legal steroids!

But before we skip on to explain what exactly these agents are, let us clear you what steroids, the anabolic steroids really are.

Basically, these are the performance enhancing agents that are used to generate the bodybuilding effects from the inside.

These agents work by supplying large amount of testosterone to your body.

As known, testosterone is that magical, anabolic hormone that is greatly required by a body, going through the process of muscle building.

Apart from muscle building, this significant hormone helps to increase stamina and is greatly needed for the cutting of excess, unwanted fats in the body.

Cut short, anabolic steroids can greatly aid in bulking muscles, speeding recovery, augmenting stamina and reducing body fats.

But despite all this, that is, the anabolic effects possessed by steroids, the consumption of these substances are considered a crime.

Yes, these agents are regarded as illegal, therefore, their sale, purchase or consumption is said to be illegal.

In addition to this, consistent consumption of anabolic steroids can result in a number of health complications, such as, skin damage, gynecomastia and shrinking of testicles.

But luckily, bodybuilders and athletes have a much better and safer option to choose against anabolic steroids, the legal steroids.

Yes, legal steroids are the similar kind of anabolic steroids that are invented to help you bulk, cut and gain maximum level of stamina, naturally and safely!

Crazy Bulk legal steroids

These agents are very much powerful in generating the same kind of results that are triggered by steroids, however, what makes these apart are the natural ingredients, each of these hold in their formula.

Simply because of these natural ingredients, legal steroids are able to produce safe results. Yes, by safe results, we mean the results that are not accompanied with any kind of nasty effects.

So for producing safe results, the consumption of these substances are considered and regarded as legal. Few of the best sought and used legal substances are Dbal, anadrole and testo-max.

Now you may be wondering whether or not legal steroids can actually imitate the effects of anabolic steroids; whether or not these substances can produce quick results, because of the natural ingredients these include.

Well, if questions like these are prompting in your mind every now and then, then let us help you clear your thoughts now.

Some frequently asked questions related to legal steroids are:

Are legal steroids effective?

Yes, these substances are effective in generating the desired, bodybuilding effects like those produced by anabolic steroids; then again, naturally and safely. Legal steroids can greatly help you in the following purposes:

  1. Grow muscle mass significantly.
  2. Speed up recovery after trainings.
  3. Boost stamina to the max.
  4. Reduce body fats.
  5. Improve muscle definition.

Can legal steroids produce quick effects?

Legal steroids results

Why not? Natural ingredients, legal steroids possessed may sound ‘slow-acting’, however, this is not the case.

Even though, these are natural, yet, the effects produced by these are very much quick, because of their potent nature.

Each and every component used in the making of legal steroids is very fast acting, thereby, you do not need to wait for months and month to witness the desired results on your body.

For best and quick results, the best you can do is follow your dosages, on time.

Why should I consider the usage of legal steroids?

Well, we have a number of compelling reasons to convince you, switch your usage to legal steroids. Have a look to some below:

  1. These possess no serious or minor side effects.
  2. Each and every legal steroid has been thoroughly tested before being regarded as ‘fit for use’.
  3. The third is of course, the legal aspect.
  4. And last, but not the least, are the benefits delivered by these, for example, a growth in muscle mass, fat reduction, super stamina and so.

What is the best place to purchase legal steroids?

The best place to purchase legal steroids is none other than, crazy bulk. The company is the most reputed and trusted online retailer of legal steroids that guarantees the originality of its products.

Besides, it offers perks, promotional discounts and freebies to its valued customers.

Thereby, for all those keen to skip that ‘risk element’ involved in the purchase of some best selling products like legal steroids, must simply land on to crazy bulk right away!